Boobs need and deserve your attention.
The forgotten ones

Boobs need and deserve your attention.

Boobilicious is on a mission to make breast care something beautiful through our unique blend of natural oils together with our daily ritual.

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Our mission is to show why breast care matters and make it something beautiful. Big, small, assymetric, or temporary sensible, your boobs are worth it and deserve to be – boobilicious.

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Boobilicious is a product specifically designed for your boobs. Created to keep you in touch with your feminine.

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Taking care of your boobs also deserves a unique touch,

This is why we have created a daily ritual

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Boobilicious Oil

Boobilicous has been specifically created for the breast area, as your breasts, along with the lymph nodes, need a different treatment than the rest of your body. 

The unique combination of essential and nourishing oils not only provide you with health and beauty benefits but will also remind you to check your breasts daily and, through the inclusion of lemon oil, support lymph drainage in the most effective, conscious and beautiful way.


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Self-care is hip. But it's also centuries old. What does selfcare actually mean and why is it so important to give it priority?


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