Selfcare isn't selfish and what do boobs have to do with it

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Selfcare isn't selfish and what do boobs have to do with it

Self-care is hip. But it's also centuries old. Nowadays, advertisements and offers on social media channels are a daily occurrence and every influencer collaborates with a self-care brand or is sponsored by a massage salon. But what does selfcare actually mean and why is it so important to give it priority?

What does self-care actually mean?

Definition self-care



- the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health.

- the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Health, well-being and happiness. Sounds pretty much like the essentials, we would say.

In any case, it’s the most important aspects for being the person you are and… for being a person that can also take care of others.

I guess we have all heard it before.. it’s like in the airplane when you first have to wear your own oxygen mask before putting on the one’s for your child. A metaphor we do not hear a lot for nothing because it is oh so true, also for real life.

Aiming to be that powerwoman, many women find it hard to regularly make time for themselves in the busy lives they lead. Too bad, because as we can see in the definition, selfcare is essential for good health and a happy life. For yourself and for the you you can be for others.


Selfcare is giving the world the best of you, instead of what's left of you - Katie Reed


Fortunately, the term "self-care" is becoming more and more embraced and the taboo is disappearing. This is very noticeable in the beauty market for men. Although self-care for men looks different than for women (less scented candles, more time in the gym), there is a big growth in sales for male beauty products. The market for selfcare products and services for women is big, very big and always growing. With these products and services (a yoga class, a massage) you try to create peace in your mind and take care of your body. Very nice, but often a quick fix for a bigger issue. The key is AWARENESS. Why am I so stressed, why do I always have a headache during the week, why do I sleep so badly? It is important to first find out what the cause is and on the basis of that to choose the best approach to bring out that mega fun, energetic and beautiful power woman that you already have in you. And there is no set solution for that - trial and error and trying many things. Whatever you like to do whatever makes you feel yourself, whatever makes you feel happy whatever makes you feel relaxed or energized. Whatever you want to do to reach whatever benefit. It’s literally taking me-time, putting yourself on #1 and asking yourself what you need. And in this… trust your intuition.


It is important to be conscious of your body, to listen carefully to what it says and to respond to it. Take time to connect with your body, but also with yourself. To embrace and appreciate your body. And to do that, not only for the visible parts.


What do boobs have to do with self care?

Breasts in particular play a big role when it comes to taking good care of yourself. In beauty, health and, also very important, the mental aspect. And it is a part that we unfortunately forget too often, despite the fact that boobs do need a lot of attention. The skin of our breasts is different from that of our stomach, arms or legs. The skin is much more tender, there are a lot of glands beneath the surface, and our breasts don't like to stay the same all the time either. They can be a bit bigger and more sensitive during our cycle and of course they grow along when there's a bun in the oven.

We are not claiming that taking care of your breasts will change your life in any sense but don't forget your boobs in your daily ritual and give the ladies some extra attention. Get to know your boobs and give them the love they deserve. It definitely is a part of self care, for your body, your mind and your health. Because, a nice side effect is that you check your breasts each time and you can recognize strange things earlier. Should anything change, you can respond to this right away. So whatever your reasons are, to either take care of the looks of your boobs or to connect with your body and mind, or to gain more self awareness about your breasts, to keep your body healthy or simply to connect with your sensuality and feel powerful and sexy when you leave the door – above all, do it for you girl.


Okay, now let's say it one more time -

Selfcare isn't Selfish