Our mission

Our mission

We want to raise a new generation of women and make breast care a thing. Simply because, your boobs are worth it and deserve to be – boobilicious.


We want to change the way you care about your boobs.

Our mission is to make breast care something beautiful. Being proud of your boobs, creating a ritual they deserve and taking care of this precious part of your body, we will all bring it up with no taboes.

As one of the first modern feminine wellness companies doing so, we are here with a safe, plant based and all natural solution, ready to address the underserved needs of woman in a friendly, approachable, beautiful and sensual way.

Thanks for joining us as a leading changer and help us make breast care a thing.

With Love, feli

Boobilicious is a product specifically designed for your boobs. Created to keep you in touch with your feminine

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