Boobilicious Features in Glamour NL

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Boobilicious Features in Glamour NL

Do you like surprises?
We certainly do, specially when it is news relating to Boobilicious. 

Imagine our surprise when we were told that the product we have worked on so hard for the past few months has been spotted and acknowledged by the lovely people at Glamour NL.  
What is even more special, is that we have not gone live yet- Horrahhhhhhhhh.

Read the full article below:

5 beauty products you never knew you needed

By Babette Grunder 

The name Boobilicious says it all. An oil for your breasts. During my pregnancy, I applied natural oil on my breasts every morning and evening in the hope that I could limit the stretch marks. After the birth of my daughter, this act actually disappeared from my system immediately.

Sin, it now appears. Because your breasts also need that extra bit of love. They can be especially sensitive around your period. A mini lesson about breasts tells you the following: around your period, your glandular tissue increases slightly, which increases the chance of sensitivity. There are also lymph vessels in your breasts that transport waste products to the lymph nodes in the armpits. A temporary accumulation of waste can occur there. You can help your body get rid of these substances by massaging your breasts with the oil that contains detoxifying ingredients.

This product consists of lemon oils and removes waste products through the lymph through the massage. The oil also firms the skin. Available from September 15, 2020.

€ 39.50